The Waxing Studio, Kings Road

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We use a wax blended with Tea tree and Green tea which have anti bacterial and 
anti inflammatory properties and also contains antioxidants to help soothe the skin. 
All intimate waxing is carried out with Hot wax which envelopes and vacuum packs each individual hair, 
pulling it out from the follicle smoothly and is virtually pain free. 
There is no extra charge for this service.

Eyebrows  £15

Nostrils  £10

Ears  £8

Lip  £8

Chin  £8

Cheeks  £10

Jawline  £10

Full Face  £40

Underarms  £15

Nipples  £10

Full Arm  £28

1/2 Arm  £18

Tummy Line  £10

Bikini  £18

(Everything outside the knicker line)

Brazini  £24

(Same as the Bikini including approx. 1 inch inside the knicker line and hair is removed up top)

Brazilian  £40

(ALL hair is removed apart from a neat strip, triangle or shape up top)

Hollywood  £45

(ALL hair is removed)

Glutes  £10

Lower Back  £15

Full Leg  £38

3/4 Leg £32

Upper Leg  £25

Lower Leg  £22