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Studio Massage

Designed to help you unwind into pure relaxation amidst a calming atmosphere...

A consultation is carried out to decipher your individual needs prior to the treatment commencing. We tailor make the style of massage depending on what we find during this time and figure out what your problem areas and expectations are. However, most massages will be performed to help eradicate tension and the therapist will use a combination of pressures with a variety of massage techniques to help relieve stress, improve circulation, aid detoxification, ease muscle aches and pains and improve flexibility.  We use Grapeseed oil blended with aromatherapy oils- A choice of Revitalizing, Nourishing or Relaxing blends are available.

*The timings noted below DO NOT include the consultation, pre or post treatment changing times. Extra time is allocated before and after the hands on massage time indicated*

Back, Neck & Shoulders  £40 (30 mins)

Back, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp  £60 (45 mins)

Full Body Massage  £80 (1 hr)

(Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Chest, Face and Scalp)

Deluxe Full Body Massage  £100 (1 hr 15 mins)

Ultimate Full Body Massage  £120 (1 hr 30 mins)

Rungu Massage (add £5)

An African massage tool, The Rungu, is a unique wooden baton used for deep tissue massage. Similar to 'Bamboo massage', it is a deeply stimulating massage that is excellent for alleviating tired, painful muscles, improving lymphatic drainage and  it also aids relaxation.

Lava Shell Massage (add £10)

Eco friendly Tiger Clam shells are recycled as massage tools. A concoction is mixed within the shell which causes an 'exotheric' reaction enabling the shell to remain hot for up to an hour. Similar to 'Hot Stone Massage' but more hygienic and enables more of a 'fluid' massage, this treatment improves circulation, eases tension in the muscles, aids detoxification and is deeply relaxing.

Indian Head Massage  £60 (45 mins)

This massage incorporates the head, scalp and shoulders and is derived from the Ayurvedic tradition in India. Through a variety of different techniques, the massage works to release blocked energy from the chakras. Pressure point and digi pressure massage are key elements to this treatment and both are used to alleviate areas of tension and stress. This massage actually improves immunity, relieves insomnia symptoms, boosts circulation, soothes respiratory problems, detoxifies and TOTALLY relaxes. Oil is used but can also be avoided depending on the clients wishes.

Hopi Ear Candles  £40 (30 mins)

Also known as 'Thermal Auricular Therapy'. It is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears. Great for anyone suffering from blocked ears asthma, stress, migraines, colds, snoring, balance and sinus problems and helps aid detoxification and improves blood flow. The candle is inserted just inside the ear canal and lit. Suction is formed and draws residue, impurites and deposits out into the candle. Massage is performed around the ear to aid drainage and greatly increases relaxation during the treatment.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the massage varieties we offer.